Questions of Faith Group


We can’t see him with our eyes, sitting here in a pew- so we have to have faith to believe that he is here with us.
In our group, we discuss questions about Faith and thinking about God. We meet on Thursdays at 8pm in the Creche in Wellington Church.

What does our group do?

Here’s some examples…..
We’ve had speakers to introduce special topics such as Professor Alison Britton and Roger Sturrock giving us an insight into their Medical Ethics, had evenings of Words and Music, discussed sermons, Hymns old and new, other religions and Christianity in the Middle East today.

We’ve read and had lively debates on books such as Leaving Alexandria by Richard Holloway, The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins, Journeying Out by Ann Morrisy and most recently Gerard Hughes’ Cry of Wonder.

Recently, the Questions of Faith Group did an exercise expressing briefly their core beliefs and these are some of the answers:

The Christian Faith, with its axioms of love and hope, its emphasis on the dignity of every individual within a supportive community, its offer of forgiveness and grace to live every day afresh, its parameters for living a purposeful, disciplined life all grounded in an eternal but radical God is as relevant to the present age as to any other.

I am a scientist who believes in God; this fact would be disquieting to many of my scientific colleagues and it would probably be even more disquieting if I tried to explain in any sort of detail what I meant by that statement – that is that the ground of our being contains every concept that human beings can develop and to an apparently limitless degree.

I believe that I have been called forth from the beginning of time and given form at this point in history:

-to enter into the circumstances of life as fully as possible

-to do the best with what I’ve been given

-to co-operate with my fellow human beings to serve the common good

-and there take humanity further on its journey towards wholeness and communion

As humankind widens its knowledge of the creation of our Universe, this tells me of the mystery of God. 

As I hear the thrush sing, as I see a sunset, as I smell the scent of a rose, as I taste brambles, these all tell me of the wonder of God. 

As I give and receive love I begin to understand the love of God.

Because we tend to understand gender as being fundamental to personhood, Christianity, which grew up within a very patriarchal society and affirmed the personhood of God has tended to understand and present God in male terms. In our society which affirms the equality, inclusion and dignity of women, it no longer resonates with how many would want to think about God.

This opens up a gulf between traditional theological expression of God and how many would want to think about God today, creating the need for some fundamental reworking of ideas around God, personhood and gender, in a new age where many of the old assumptions have broken down.


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