Social Bite’s Festival of Kindness 2020: Put a gift under the Tree of Kindness in Byres Rd/Vinicombe Street

In past years, Wellington has held a “Gift Service” where we would bring gifts for those who may not receive any. The restrictions this year meant that we were unable to hold this service. One of our elders would like to suggest the following alternative which is happening in our church’s neighbourhood, the Social Bite Festival of Kindness.

Social Bite are asking you to donate a gift to someone who is homeless or vulnerable and place it under the tree in Byres Rd/Vinicombe Street (Thursday-Sunday 10:30am – 7:30pm). They will then distribute tens of thousands of gifts throughout Scotland to homeless people, families, and children in poverty.

Please make sure to check the dos, don’t, and gift list below

Josh, a co-founder of Social Bite, explains the campaign in more detail in the video here:

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