Advent and Christmas at Wellington

Dear Friends,

I’m pleased to be able to extend to you Christmas greetings and festive good wishes from your parish church of Wellington.

Each year, in the bleakness of mid-winter and in the darkness of the year’s end, we at Wellington join with Christians all around the globe, looking to the hope at the heart of the Christmas story which banishes bleakness and brings the light of God’s love into our hearts; our homes and our world confronting and overcoming all the darknesses we experience. At Christmas, the mighty power of God’s love is revealed, born into human life – a baby in a manger.

This year, once again, we will celebrate that miracle of transformation and, perhaps, by grace, become part of it as in worship and celebration we encounter anew God with us.

We warmly invite you to come and join with us and to receive the precious gifts of Christmas; hope and joy and peace and love, from our Saviour Jesus Christ.

May the light and love of God be yours this Christmas and may they lead you into the new year resolved to allow God with you to challenge and change the life of the world for good.

Rev Jan Mathieson

Interim Moderator

2017.12 Christmas Card Message-page-003


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