A Visit to Wi’am; Non-violence, Playgrounds, and The Wall

A blog from the World Mission Council:

Church of Scotland World Mission Council

Hebron 33 (Maureen Jack from CPT in red cap)Maureen Jack is Vice-Convener of the World Mission Council, and has a particular interest in the Middle East. Here she writes about a recent visit to Palestine and Israel. 

At last year’s General Assembly one of the international delegates was Tarek Zoughbi, who works at Wi’am (Palestinian Conflict Transformation Centre) in Bethlehem, a Church of Scotland partner.  The centre runs children’s, youth, women’s, job creation, mediation and nonviolent resistance programmes.  The core tenet of the work of this Christian organisation is its commitment to nonviolence.

This is illustrated on its website:  ‘Our physical presence next to the Wall is a continuous non-violent resistance. By having a community center with a garden, playground, and place for people to gather, we are more than anything showing our persistent resilience and commitment to peace and justice. Wi’am networks with other individuals and groups in the West Bank in order to build civil society and…

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