Christian Aid Week 2020

CAW 2020 Total

Christian Aid Week this year was different not only because the Corona pandemic forced us to move everything online but also because at Wellington it lasted 3 weeks from 10th to 31st May 2020.

Our “Christian Aid Season” concluded with our Pentecost Communion service when our special offering also went to Christian Aid.

The total donations reported so far (sponsorships + anonymous general donations to Christian Aid) are £3,240.00 (as of 8th June). Thank you to all who donated!

Here is an update how successful our challenges were:

Hand Painting Challenge

Hand Painting is still going on and might not be quite ready by Sunday but we will use them on a Sunday soon.

Bible Reading Challenge

5 members have completed the Book of Numbers led by Roger & Helen Sturrock. One feedback was:

“Some of it was not particularly easy reading – lots of anger and putting to death, lots of sacrifices and some quite difficult passages on women. although I think you would need to know a bit more about what the position would have been but for these rules to understand them fully.”

£205 have been raised by this great team effort!

The Ancient Mariner

Eight members worked on a recitation of the 7 parts of The Rime of the Ancient Mariner by 8 of our members (part 6 is read in two voices). Parts 1-5 are presented by members who took on the challenge to learn their lines by heart and sought sponsorship in support of Christian Aid. The recording of the recitation is available here: Ancient Mariner

Sponsorship added up to £385.

1.000.000 Steps

We’ve made it through wind, rain and sunshine! Our team walked 1,012,569 steps between them, each contributing at least 5k on at least 10 consecutive days (some did 12 days and 10k each day).

Sponsorship was £485.

Here are some pictures from the walks:

All donations should be made directly to Christian Aid by visiting their website but please let us now the amount you give by filling the form in this link: Fundraising for Christian Aid 2020