Weekly Dates & Notes


Monday to Friday

10.30 am – 1.45 pm The Crypt Café 

Open to all for Lunches, Snacks, Teas and Coffees


Tuesday, 10th October

2.00 pm  Prayer Group (at the Wilsons’ home)


Wednesday, 11th October

3.00-4.45 pm Conversation Corner (Crypt)

6.30 pm ‘Our Scotland: A Japanese perspective’ (Kelvin Hall)   

(see more notes and dates)                       


Thursday, 12th October

8.00 pm  Questions of Faith Group (Crèche)


Friday, 13th October

1.10 pm Cosycafé – in Hillhead High School

7.30 pm International Welcome Club (Library)

(see more notes and dates)

Saturday, 14th October

2.00-4.00 pm Congregational Life Film Afternoon (Library)

(see more notes and dates)


Our Assisting Minister will be on holiday from Saturday, 7th to Friday, 13th October inclusive.   During this time, anyone needing the help of a minister should contact the Rev. Dr. Norman Shanks on 0141 339 4421.

VISIT OF THE MODERATOR – Instead of our usual evening service today, we plan to visit St Margaret’s Episcopal Church, 363 Kilmarnock Road, G43 2DS where Glasgow Churches Together are holding an ecumenical  evening service to celebrate the visit to Glasgow of the Moderator of the General Assembly, The Right Rev Dr Derek Browning.  The service begins at 7 pm and is to be followed by                  refreshments.  All welcome.

QUESTIONS OF FAITH GROUP meets in the Creche on Thursday,                12th October  at 8.00 pm when we will be studying further chapters of                      ‘The Enabled Life’. All welcome.

LODGING HOUSE MISSION – A letter has been received from Gus McKay,           Chaplain, thanking the congregation for the donation of food to help them provide a meal for their service users.  Without the donation and many others that they           regularly receive, they would not be able to provide the level of support that they do to users.

PRESBYTERY INNER WEST END REVIEW: Glasgow Presbytery’s Strategic  Planning Committee is conducting a review of future parish and ministry            arrangements in the West End.  We are currently at the very beginning of this          process.  On Thursday (12th October) the Committee will meet with eight                  representatives of Wellington (Wendy Alexander, David Blackhurst, Grace Franklin, Rebecca Gebauer, Niall Hardie, Christine Johnston, Claire McDiarmid and Robin Shannan).  The membership of this group (which has been invited only to attend this one meeting) takes account of the views of the Kirk Session and ensures that key groups identified by Presbytery (elders, members, staff and adherents) are  represented.  We do not know, at this stage, what the meeting will cover but             possible issues include:

  • values and ethos of Wellington;
  • chaplaincy (progressing links, built by David Sinclair and Lizy Newswanger, with Glasgow University in relation to its Church of Scotland chaplaincy);
  • Hillhead High School outreach work;
  • buildings (e.g. importance of Wellington building; issues arising from all three churches in the review (Wellington, Kelvinside Hillhead and Kelvinbridge) having the upkeep of a listed building – alternative solutions);
  • future ministry (qualities sought in a minister; linkage/union with other churches; continuing as a single congregation);
  • the International Welcome Club (including the Conversation Corner) which is an important element of our mission and outreach work;
  • engaging with the diverse communities inhabiting the west end.

The consultation is expected to be wide-ranging and open-minded.  If you have a view which you would like to communicate before the meeting, please note it on a post-it after the service and stick it on one of the large sheets in the Woodlands Hall.  Alternatively, feel free to speak to any member of the group.

CONGREGATION LIFE – All are invited to the showing of the film, ‘The Lavender Ladies’ in the Library on Saturday, 14th October from 2.00 to 4.00 pm.  Light refreshments will be served.  If help with transport is required, please contact Ruth Shanks (Tel: 339 4421)

COFFEE MORNING – The next coffee morning will be at the home of Priscilla Lawrie, 7 Churchill Drive, G11 7LL ( Tel 334 5525 ) on Wednesday, 18th October at 11 am.  All ladies of the congregation are very welcome.  This year the group is supporting the Lodging House Mission.  Donations may be made to the charity only if desired.  Please contact Kate Fyfe (Tel  954 8651) if you require transport.

INTERNATIONAL WELCOME CLUB – The International Welcome Club        members will be in the audience for the BBC Question Time scheduled in               Wellington Church for Friday, 13th October.  (See details below.)

BBC RADIO ANY QUESTIONS (Update) – All members of the congregation are kindly invited to this event on Friday, 13th October. Doors will open at 6.30 pm and warm-up begins at 7.25 pm. Please be there in time for the warm-up as doors will close soon after. The broadcast starts at 8.02 pm and finishes at 9pm. I am also looking for a team for door duty on the night. Please  contact Rebecca if you would be available to help.

FAIRTRADE  COFFEE MORNING and CHRISTMAS FAIR – Saturday,              4th November from 10 am to 12 noon.  Home Baking, Groceries, Books and CDs, Bric a Brac, Plants, Christmas Cards.  Donations would be welcome for the above stalls. They can be brought to the church anytime and  stored in the former Bride’s room, or on Friday 3rd November from 5.00-7.00pm. Volunteers would be         welcome to help set up on Friday evening from 5.00 pm and /or to help serve tea and coffee or at any of the above stalls on the Saturday morning. Tickets £2.00 (£5 for a family) will be available at the door (includes tea/coffee, home-bakes).

COUNCILS AND COMMITTEES OF THE CHURCH OF SCOTLAND – Please see communication on the Woodlands Hall Notice Board from the Convener of the Church of Scotland Nominations Committee regarding involvement on the national Councils and Committees of the Church.  If you are interested in being nominated for this call to service, in the first instance, please notify our Session Clerk, Claire McDiarmid.

WANTED – for Crypt Café  – Small larder fridge (below counter) with no freezer unit. If you have one or know of someone who does we could come and pick it up.  Contact Jackie Murray 334 9887

‘Our Scotland: A Japanese perspective’,  a documentary made by Fumi and Yushin in 2013 (34 mins), will be shown at Kelvin Hall on Wednesday 11 October from 6.30pm. In this documentary, a St Andrew’s ceilidh held at Wellington Church in 2013 is used as an example of ‘inclusive’ Scottish society. Free and open to the public.

AFRICAN CHILDREN: October Appeal  – The following items are now  needed by SIR for children in Africa: The following items are now needed by SIR for                children in Africa:   Pencil case, ruler, sharpener, eraser.