Sunday Duty

Wellington Sunday Morning Duty

under Corona Restrictions

Volunteers on the rota

  • Volunteers for Sunday duty are expected to be at church at 10.30am for doors open at 10.40am.
  • If a volunteer cannot cover a Sunday assigned to them, they are kindly asked to find someone to swap with.

Sunday Morning Routine

  • Entry to the church will be via the side door, the front/main doors will not be open (but they will be unlocked for emergency exit). There will be sign posts guiding attendees accordingly.
  • Anyone present in the building will be asked to wear face covering throughout their stay.
  • The sanctuary will be entered from the East door (far end of the corridor). The corridor will be marked for socially distanced queuing.
  • Every attendee will be registered before they enter the sanctuary in line with test and protect guidance. As the church office holds contact records for all members, there will be an abridged version of the roll on which the elder on registration duty will tick off attendance. Only for new walk-ins or for people whose details are not marked as held by the church office the name and phone number (or email address) will be recorded.
  • In the sanctuary, stewards will guide attendees to their seats. Only every third pew will be used.
    • There is no set limit for the number of people we can welcome but we need to maintain a 2m distance between households. That means that:
      • 30-70 people can be accommodated in the lower sanctuary
      • 25-50 people can be seated in the balcony
    • Family groups/households with more than 2 people will be seated in a side pew downstairs or in the balcony
    • Couples and individuals will be seated on either end of the centre pews and when these are filled they will be also seated in the side pews.
  • Exit will be via the West door of the sanctuary.
  • There will be no socialising indoors, however, attendees are free to use the church grounds to catch up with one another.

Roles of the 4 volunteers on duty

Before the service

  • Volunteer 1                                  Door Duty
    • On arrival, get the disposable face masks from the church office & the hand tally counter.
    • Also get the bag for the offering and put it into the pedestal.
    • At 10.40 am open the side door and start welcoming people in.
    • Provide face masks if necessary.
    • Direct people to the end of the corridor for hand sanitation and registration.
    • Sit near the door during the service to be able to hear the door-bell if there are any late comers.
    • If there are late comers, make sure that they are registered at the end of the service.
    • If a person arrives visibly unwell, direct them to take a seat in the library. Then ask volunteer 3 (in the sanctuary) to identify an elder or minister to help with that situation.
  • Volunteer 2                                  Registration
    • On arrival, get the track and trace sheet from the office.
    • Make sure that some orders of service are available on the registration table.
    • At 10.40 sit at the registration desk and take attendance. Make sure to put the date on the first sheet.
    • The sheet lists the names of the regulars whose details are known to the church office. If any of them attend, they just need to be ticked off the list.
    • If a person is not on the list, please take their name and phone number (or email address).
    • Direct people into the sanctuary or upstairs (if you send people upstairs, provide them with an order of service). Volunteer 4 in the sanctuary will let you know if they feel that the balcony needs to be used. People who are not able to climb the stairs can of course continue to be seated downstairs.
  • Volunteer 3                      Steward in the Lower Sanctuary
    • On arrival, unlock the church main doors (by unbolting them) & remove the pulpit fall.
    • At 10.30 am, await the attendees in the sanctuary and guide them to their seats.
    • Place families/household groups of 3 and more people in the side pews
    • Place individuals and couples on either end of the centre pews, if these are filled, place them in the side pews, too.
    • If a person is found to be unwell on arrival, you may be asked to identify an elder or minister among the attendees to help with that situation.
  • Volunteer 4                      Steward in the Sanctuary (or balcony if required)
    • On arrival, double check that there is sufficient hand sanitiser at the two locations in the corridor and if there is enough soap in the toilets. Additional supplies of hand sanitizer
    • Provide a glass of water for the minister.
    • At 10.40 am, await the attendees in the sanctuary and make sure they are seated appropriately.
    • If the lower sanctuary is close to capacity (6 empty seats), inform the registry that physically able people should be sent up to the balcony. Also go upstairs and make sure people are seated appropriately.

After the service


  • Volunteer 1
    • Snap the side door open (leave the sanctuary during the 5 minutes reflection after the service).
    • Take the disposable face masks back to the office.
    • Take the offering to the office and count it together with volunteer 2.
  • Volunteer 2
    • Take the register to the office and lock it in the safe.
    • Assist volunteer 1 with counting and banking the offering.
    • When you leave, double check that the side door locks and the key in the control pad is lifted.
  • Volunteer 3
    • Ensure that attendees leave the church in a swift and orderly fashion without queuing (together with volunteer 4). The easiest way to avoid queuing to call pews one by one.
    • When the sanctuary is empty, lock the church main doors (bolt them).
    • Put the cover back on the pulpit fall.
  • Volunteer 4
    • Ensure that attendees leave the church in a swift and orderly fashion without queuing (together with volunteer 3). The easiest way to avoid queuing to call pews one by one.
    • When the sanctuary is empty, check that all pews are empty and no belongings or orders of service are left behind. If items are left behind, remove them wearing gloves (disposable gloves are available in the church office).
    • Tidy away the minister’s water glass.

First aid arrangements


Dealing with a first aid incident and simultaneously oversee the safety of all attendees is too much for just four volunteers to master. Therefore, if such a situation arises, the team on duty will ask elders or ministers who are in attendance to help out.

The procedure is set out as follows:

If a person arrives being visibly unwell they should be asked to go to the Library and an elder or minister will be asked (by volunteer 3) to attend to them at appropriate physical distance.

If the individual is only mildly unwell they will be consulted about safe return home (are the fit to drive? did they come by foot or bus? Is anyone with them? etc.).

The default if the volunteer is concerned for the state of the person is to dial 999 and tell the call-handler of their concerns re COVID-19 and the person’s condition.

The surfaces (chair etc.) used by or adjacent to the person will subsequently be cleaned and disinfected. Disposable gloves are available in the church office and cleaning materials are in the cleaning cupboard near the stairs.