Welcome to Wellington Church!

Wellington is the church in the heart of the University  of Glasgow, a church made up of many nationalities, of young and old, of a passion for social justice, and of a commitment to the welcome and inclusion that we believe to be at the heart of our faith.

You will see from our ‘welcome statement’ that we take seriously the call to welcome everyone without exception and without reserve.  So we will welcome you when you come among us, either on a Sunday for worship or for one of the activities during the week.

We meet for worship at 11am and 7pm on a Sunday, with groups for children of primary and secondary school age, and a crèche available for babies and toddlers; we gather as an international community on a Friday evening (for the International Club Night) or on a Monday afternoon (for the International Young Families Group).  There is also a Conversation Corner on a Wednesday afternoon for those who would like to practise their English – or help others practise theirs.

There are opportunities for Christian education through bible study groups and a Questions of Faith Group.  The Justice and Peace Group seeks to guide us in our search for a world that matches the gospel’s vision of welcome and inclusion – and guide us in our own work for such a vision not only in the church but also in our society and in the world.

And we welcome the world to the Crypt Cafe during the university term, a place of hospitality, good company, good food, and affordable prices – a model for how life might be.

So come and join us, and help us be the welcome we try to proclaim.  Together we can work toward a world of welcome, the world to which Jesus Christ calls us.

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