Sunday Choir

Wellington Church Sunday Choir

Music is an important part of worship at Wellington Church. The choir play an integral part in the morning services, each of which starts with a choral introit. The choir lead the congregation in the singing of hymns, and also sing an anthem during the course of the service. The focus of the choir music is on the Church’s liturgical calendar, from Advent through to Easter and Pentecost. Specific service themes chosen by the minister will also be reflected in the choice of music.

Membership includes experienced singers who have served for many years, and also those who have joined us more recently. Like many organizations in Wellington, the choir also benefits from singers who may join us for a specific time period, perhaps in connection with their time as students at Glasgow University. It is through the dedication, hard work and collective skill of all those members that we strive to maintain a choral presence at the morning services.

The choice of music includes everything from early Tudor Church music, through to anthems of the great 18th, 19th and 20th century choral composers, through to choral pieces written very recently.

Choir music is generally available for perusal in advance. However, the rehearsal at 10am each Sunday involves a concentrated learning of the introit and anthem for the day. Clearly, an ability to read music, at least to a certain extent, is necessary.

For our annual Lessons and Carols service in December, there is an opportunity for other singers within or outside the congregation to create an augmented choir.


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