Sunday Group

We are a group for young people of secondary school age who meet every Sunday during the service.

As we meet each Sunday we look at current events and important topics such as intersectionality and gender norms. We also think about inspirational figures and themes, we learned more about Malala Yousafazi and her campaign for girl’s education and went to see the musical Glasgow Girls based on a group of girls from Drumchapel High school campaigning for the right of asylum seekers. Sometimes the questions we ask ourselves don’t have easy answers and raise more questions but discussing them together helps us.

As Sunday Group we are very active in supporting different charities and have done so in a number of ways. We participated in the “£1 A Day” challenge with Christian Aid where we only spent £1 per person on food each day. Baking features largely in our group may that be to be enjoyed ourselves at our annual residential weekend or for fundraising purposes which we hold regularly to raises money for a number of charities. Through our baking we also supported Sunday Group members who were setting out to do a gap year with Project Trust.

We have many events each year like movie nights, ceilidhs and an annual weekend away where we explore what living in a community is like. During this weekend we eat a lot of cake, walk, cycle and swim, sing silly songs and share our thoughts on different topics. In 2014 our theme was Playlist For Life, where we all brought a piece of music that is connected with a strong memory and shared it with each other. Playlist for life is also a Scottish charity supporting people living with dementia to reconnect with their loved ones through music.

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