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As neighbors to Glasgow Uni, Wellington Church seeks to offer a welcoming community to students of all backgrounds, identities, and faith experience.

Students@Wellington is a student group open to all Christian students and to students interested in learning more about Christianity. We work in partnership with the Church of Scotland, the Student Christian Movement, and the Interfaith Chaplaincy of Glasgow Uni. As part of Wellington Church, we welcome all people whatever their ethnic origin, gender, background, age, sexual orientation, and mental or physical ability.

During the summer, our schedule is a bit different from term time. Regular weekly activities still run, but are subject to change based on people’s availability and Lizy’s summer holidays. The best way to find out what’s going on is to follow us on Twitter (@Wellie_Students) or join our Facebook group Students@Wellington.

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On Mondays at noon, we run a brief prayer session at Wellington Church. During the summer, this session is held in Wellington’s sanctuary. Come to the side door (facing the Fraser Building) and ring the bell.

On Tuesdays, 3-5 p.m., we meet at Siempre Bicycle Café, located next to Kelvinhall Subway Station, for a time of coffee and community. Your first drink is paid for by Wellington Church!

Coffee afternoons are also held on Thursdays, though the location is subject to change. Check Twitter or Facebook to find out where we’re meeting.

Also on Thursdays, we have a pub night at Sparkle Horse around the corner from Kelvinhall Subway Station starting at 7. Due to health reasons, Lizy does not drink alcohol, so fellow non-drinkers are more than welcome!

Lizy is Wellington’s Student Outreach Worker

Beyond our weekly activities, we are a lively bunch who frequently get together for cinema nights and local events. If you’d like to meet up, or just have some questions, please contact Lizy at , reach out through the Facebook group Students@Wellington , or contact us via Twitter @Wellie_Students!

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