Wellington Blog by Wendy Alexander

I wrote this blog almost 2 weeks ago, after being invited to share some reflections on the excitement surrounding the start of a new semester. Since then we have seen the rise in cases on campus. However, I have left the blog unchanged, except for a concluding sentence. The fast changing campus context is a reminder of the strangeness of the times. And a lesson that no mortal can know what lies ahead. … More Wellington Blog by Wendy Alexander


Discipline is a choosing to do in order to move towards a goal, not simply as a means to an end, but as an important act in an of itself. But discipline is a way of life. Discipline is a way of life to which we need to commit in the time of Corona. … More Discipline

Ministers Blog by the Rev Dr Norman Shanks

Whenever older people get together, at some point the occasion often becomes something of an ‘organ recital’ – a sharing of news of current aches and pains, medications, hospital and GP appointments. At present, however, nineteen weeks after lockdown, as friends and families meet again, conversation is likely at some point also to turn to an exchange of experience – looking back to how things were before 23 March, reflecting on these past weeks, looking forward to the possibility of a ‘new normal’. … More Ministers Blog by the Rev Dr Norman Shanks

Feeding 5000

I don’t know what your breakfast table conversations usually sound like, but ours this morning (which was not at all unusual) involved discussing the Edinburgh Zoo, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Peppa Pig’s new neighbours (the Wolf family), and the Feeding of the Five Thousand. (The last had the greatest share of the adult attention). … More Feeding 5000