I give up giving up!

I’ve had a enough of giving up this year! I won’t detail a bit of it, because I know you have, too! It’s Lent and maybe you’re expecting me to ask you to pick something you’ll really miss and give it up, but I’m not going to give up a single thing and I’m not going to tell you that you should give up anything, either. I’ve had enough of it! … More I give up giving up!

Wellington Blog by the Rev Dr Roger Sturrock

The Mars rover is called “Perseverance” and it reflects the years of planning and preparation that went into its launch and successful landing. During the Covid pandemic, a smaller team of scientists was based at NASA headquarters but many other members of the scientific team worked from home despite all the difficulties entailed by working in isolation! A truly remarkable achievement!! … More Wellington Blog by the Rev Dr Roger Sturrock

Wellington Blog by the Rev Dr Norman Shanks

According to an ancient Greek myth, Pandora’s box contained all the evils of the world, and once these were released only hope remained. As the lockdown restrictions continue and we contemplate all that is going on in the wider world, hope is something we all need to hold on to; and it is very noticeable, if hardly surprising, how often hope is spoken of in media interviews, newspaper columns, and people’s conversations day by day. … More Wellington Blog by the Rev Dr Norman Shanks

Wellington Blog by the Rev Dr Norman Shanks

In this third week of Advent now, we are well into the ‘countdown’ towards Christmas and, with the lockdown restrictions still in place – even if relaxed a little to the benefit of non-essential shops, the hospitality industry and shoppers who have been unable or chosen not to buy online – what a different feel there is about things this year! … More Wellington Blog by the Rev Dr Norman Shanks

Wellington Blog by Wendy Alexander

I wrote this blog almost 2 weeks ago, after being invited to share some reflections on the excitement surrounding the start of a new semester. Since then we have seen the rise in cases on campus. However, I have left the blog unchanged, except for a concluding sentence. The fast changing campus context is a reminder of the strangeness of the times. And a lesson that no mortal can know what lies ahead. … More Wellington Blog by Wendy Alexander


Discipline is a choosing to do in order to move towards a goal, not simply as a means to an end, but as an important act in an of itself. But discipline is a way of life. Discipline is a way of life to which we need to commit in the time of Corona. … More Discipline