From Maureen Small Ingredients 375g( 13oz) plain flour 123g(   4oz)wholemeal flour /oatmeal 1tsp salt 1tsp cream of tartar 1tsp baking soda 1tsp baking powder 90g (3oz) mixed nuts, chopped–Just walnuts are fine 90g (30z) sunflower seeds 1tsp runny honey 200ml (7fl oz) plain yoghurt 300ml (10fl oz) milk 1tblsp sunflower oil OVEN  180 C/350 F/ … More NUTTY YOGHURT BREAD

Mars Bar Scones

From Eleanor Small   Ingredients:  500 g self-raising flour 50 g butter (optional) 1-2 dessertspoons sugar or golden syrup 2-4 Mars Bars, chopped Milk to mix (c. 300 ml) Oven: Gas 7-8; 200-220°C Measure flour into a large bowl and rub in the fat. Add sugar and Mars Bar. Mix in milk using a palette knife or the … More Mars Bar Scones

Easy Peasy Muffins

by Kate Fyfe During these difficult days when we have time to fill and need a treat, why not have a go at making these easy peasy muffins.I have halved the recipe which would make 12 muffins which might be too many so you will get 6 muffins or, if you use smaller paper cases, … More Easy Peasy Muffins