Advent Pack 2021

Last Advent, the whole country was under considerable restriction about where we could go and who we could meet. These were, of course, the result of the rules and regulations associated with the COVID19 pandemic. We were unable to worship together in Wellington church and could only meet online. Nor could many of us share the expectation and joy of the season with friends and family. It was a strange and testing time.

Recognising the loss this represented for so many and wishing to enable Advent and Christmas still to be a time of reflection and anticipation, even in these circumstances, a small team in Wellington created an Advent Tool Kit which everyone could share in, whether at home or together online. Through them, we hoped you would feel connected to each other and to God and also to the anticipation of the joy to come. From the response to the pack, which was sent out to everyone in the congregation, it seems that it did help people still to experience a sense of belonging together, and something of both the profound nature of the Advent weeks and our celebration of the birth of Jesus with thanksgiving.

Thankfully this year, most of our restrictions have been lifted, and we can worship together in the church. However, people have expressed a desire for some reflective and active materials to assist them in their own spiritual practice and sense of community once again, so the same team has produced an Advent pack for this year also.

Each week of Advent will feature scripture readings associated with four people who play important roles in the Advent stories; Zechariah and Elizabeth, and May and Joseph.  We invite you to read and engage with the readings each day of the week (leading up to or after, you decide). Each week will also have a short reflection on the biblical passage, and a couple of prayerful activities for you to do. Take some time each day – at the start, at the end, during a lunch break, whenever makes sense for you – to be present with God and contemplate the Bible readings and the reflections, and to engage with the activities. There are prayers to accompany each week.

We hope you enjoy the activities, find them helpful in following the Christmas Story over the Advent weeks, and take comfort from the knowledge that all your friends in Wellington Church will be doing the same things at the same time as you. The ‘Timetable’ on the next two pages will help you work through the activities in the right order.

If you need help along the way, please reach out to any one of us, and we’ll guide you through. Together we will wait for the coming of Christ. Together we will remember acts of service and of love that we have experienced. Together we will act in love, knowing that even this dark time will be overcome by the light of Christ coming into the world. We wish you a joyful season of anticipation.

Liz Johnson Blythe, Kathy Galloway, Tom Moffat, Roger Sturrock, Glenda White

The full advent pack is available here:

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