Christian Aid Week 2021 – join a month of fundraising challenges and fun!

2021 marks the second year of not being able to fundraise in the traditional ways, nevertheless, we are determined as ever to support Christian Aid to help communities in need. Following the success in 2020, we are again expanding Christian Aid Week to last a whole month (1st – 31st May). We offer one challnge of our own and additionally encourage you to take part in the challenges and events organised by Christian Aid directly. Here are the ways in which you can take part.

1. Take part in our Bible Reading Challenge

Last year, a group of members worked through the Book of Numbers, this year, we challenge you to work through the book of Psalms. Most psalms take around 3 minutes to read and conveniently the number of psalms works out perfectly for an average of 5 Psalms a day. The psalms will be published daily on our blog.
To sign up for the challenge fill the following RSVP form:

2. Take 300,000 Sponsored Steps

Last year, we walked 1.000.000 steps at Wellington. This year, Christian Aid has set up a 300k step challenge. There are two ways to take part: a) If you are comfortable using online tools, follow the steps on the Christian Aid Website here: b) If you are a keen walker but not so keen on IT, fill the RSVP form below:

3. Send (at least) 2 e-envelopes

In normal times, every member would receive two Christian Aid envelopes at the start of Christian Aid Week and asked to pass it on to friends or family. The virtual version of this is to encourage you to send e-envelopes by following the steps in this link:

4. Take part in Quiztian Aid on Saturday 8th May 2021 8pm

Christian Aid’s fun filled online quiz has returned and is suitable for all of the family. It’ll be hosted by special guests Tobi and Prisca Bakare, Rhidian Brook, Kris Marshall, Kate Bottley and Rowan Williams. For more info go to:

5. Join Song of the Prophets: A Requiem for the Climate Wednesday 9th June 7pm

Join Christian Aid for a free event to witness the debut performance of new orchestral work Song of the Prophets: A Requiem for the Climate, as well as an address from Dr Rowan Williams, former Archbishop of Canterbury, and a panel discussion with climate campaigners. Christian Aid has collaborated with Chineke! Orchestra – Europe’s first majority-BME orchestra – and St Paul’s Institute, on the performance of a new piece of music based on Christian Aid’s climate change work and in particular our theological paper The Song of the Prophets, which we will be re-publishing soon. For more info and to register go to:
Journey towards climate justice

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