Rolling Away the Stone – welcoming you back to worship on Easter Sunday

We are nearly through our Lenten journey. We have more than 52 Sundays of digital worship under our belts, and we have not been able to be together in the church since Advent so its with great anticipation that we look toward Easter. We have final confirmation from Glasgow Presbytery that from Easter Sunday we will again be able to offer morning worship in the Sanctuary and after a year of worship in our homes and an Easter spent apart, it will feel nearly as new and exciting as rolling away the stone on that first Easter morning. However, while we remain in a pandemic we continue to be required to follow some practical restrictions and considerations:

  • We can accommodate a maximum of 50 people for worship – this includes the Worship leader, organist, singer and stewards
  • Households can sit together. Households of more than 2 people should sit in the side pews
  • Communal singing in the Sanctuary is still not permitted but musical praise will continue to be part of worship
  • Wearing a mask and observing social distancing guidelines are required at all times
  • If you are shielding or in a vulnerable health category you are advised not to attend
  • Each person should complete the Church of Scotland assessment tool. If this gives a score of 3 or more you should consider whether attending worship in person is a reasonable risk. For scores of 6 and above it is strongly advised not to attend
  • If you have any undiagnosed symptoms of COVID-19 or are waiting on the result of a COVID-19 test you must not attend
  • On arrival it is good practice to use the hand sanitiser available
  • You will be asked to provide contact details for use by track and trace if required
  • You will be directed to take a seat in one of the designated spaces
  • When arriving and leaving you should avoid gathering in groups to chat

Some of these restrictions are difficult, especially the ones that place limits on the social interaction that we yearn for after a year of separation. However, they are there for good reason and it’s really important for each of us to take individual responsibility to ensure that we don’t abuse the privilege we have been granted. At times it is likely that each of us may forget so perhaps we can:

  • Be forgiving if others forget but feel empowered to politely remind them
  • Be forgiving of ourselves if we forget and accept reminders graciously

If you have questions, please contact the church office here Contact & Find us

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