Online Worship Sunday 21st February 2021

This week’s morning worship is led by the Rev Dr Roger Sturrock. Please have a piece of bread and some juice or wine ready to share communion. We thank him and everyone involved in making this online worship possible.

Our weekly notes are available for download here: 2021.02.21 Order of Service and Weekly Notes – Rev Dr Roger Sturrock

If you would like to make an offering, you can do so by using the Church of Scotland’s donation website here: Donate to Wellington Church You can also contact the church office to find out about other forms of giving.

The video will premiere at 11.00 am and you can click on the picture below to start or be taken to the video page. 

Please note that there will be a 2 minute countdown at 11am, this is a YouTube feature that we unfortunately cannot disable. However, this feature allows those who join at 11am to be in sync with each other and possibly take comfort from knowing that we are all worshipping together at exactly the same time. If you join “late” between 11am and 12pm you will enter the video “late”, too. You can reset the video to the start if you wish. 

If you really would like to avoid the countdown, you can simply click play at 11.03am when the video will be in the entry sequence. 

ZOOM Evening Service – 6.55pm for 7pm

Our ZOOM Joint Evening Service will be led by Catriona Gorton. The topic is Lent 1: ‘In want of Love’ – how do we become who we are?

During Lent, our evening worship will rely on the Lent course Still Standing by Rachel Mann. The study is based on the film Rocketman which depicts the life of Elton John. A controversial choice some may think. Rachel starts from Mathew 18:3 (“Truly, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.) and introduces her book as follows: 

“Rocketman, the biopic about rock superstar Elton John, might strike some as, at best, a surprising and, at worst, an outrageous choice as the basis for a Lent course. There are no two ways about it, Sir Elton Hercules John has lived a life full of excess and naughtiness that few, even in the world of rock and roll music, can match. It is worth saying, at the outset, that the film on which this course is based is 15 rated, and contains language of the strongest, earthiest sort, and depicts scenes which some will find challenging. So why select this film for a Lent course, if it is likely to upset many people? We, perhaps, because underneath the drug-taking, the bad language, and the random sexual encounters, Rocketman arguably presents the story of a person seeking not only redemption, but what it means to become a little child.” (p. 7) 

We hope that you will take up the challenge of this Lent course. There is no need to buy the book (unless you want to) and we will show relevant film excerpts during the evening worship so it does not matter if you know the movie or not. 

The team leading the Lent study asks you to note the following: 

  • Please keep a pen and pencil ready (you might want to note thoughts during reflections) 
  • Please have a Bible nearby (passages will be read out loud but there will be no order of service or power point with the words) 
  • On some evenings, we will use breakout rooms for group discussions. Joining the rooms will be voluntary. If you prefer a quiet reflection instead of joining discussion, you can stay in the “main room” on ZOOM. 
  • Feel free to reach out to any of the leaders (Catriona Gorton, Liz Johnson Blythe, Brian and Anne Muir, and Rebecca Gebauer) if you have further questions or reflections or if you just need to talk at any point after the service. 

We look forward to journey through Lent with you.

To receive the access details to our evening service, please will the contact form here: 

Worship recordings are available online for at least two weeks after they first premiered here: 

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