Welcome to Journey of Lent – download our Lent Booklet

People’s perceptions of Lent vary wildly.  For some it’s a time to trim the waistline or initiate an exercise routine after the failed resolutions of the new year.  For some it is a time to pick up a new skill or to develop a routine of bible reading and prayer.  Not very long ago Lent was six weeks of austerity where sugar, meat, and fat were forbidden.  But what about for us, this year? 

We’ve been denied so much this year – community being at the top of the list.  Everyone speaks of the ache we have to be together, but we cannot yet safely come together.  With that in mind, we have crafted a Lenten booklet so that we can each make our journey through Lent, and do it together. You can download it here:

Click on the image to download the booklet in PDG format

For each week of Lent there is a devotional written by a member of the Wellington Community and there is an item or activity for reflection.  The reflections connect not only to Lent and the journey towards the cross and resurrection, but also incorporate a climate change theme ahead of COP26.  Wellington members have received a packet with all the items which have been sourced locally – candles hidden in the backs of drawers, shells lovingly collected over time, the seeds were bought and then thoughtfully divided into bags long ago purchased for some other project, pebbles gathered from gardens and parks, even the pegs came from a local hardware store. We chose these items because most of them should be easily found around the house for people who have not received the pack but would like to journey along with us.

As we make our way through Lent, we hope you’ll connect with the items as a springboard for your weekly devotional contemplation, but also keep in mind that it was collected, the devotional was written, the booklet was edited and printed, and your packet was assembled with you in mind.  Wherever Jesus went he, first and foremost, offered his attention, his care, his love to the people there, and it is in that spirit that this booklet and packet have been created and assembled for you. The weekly reflections will also be shared on our website. You can find them here: https://wellingtonchurch.co.uk/category/lent/Lent2021/

Though we will not be able to be together in the way we are accustomed, we can make the journey through Lent together with the help of the Lenten booklet, the symbolic items, and the spirit of our community that continues even when we are apart. 

It will help us to feel all-the-more connected if, as you engage with the devotional booklet and symbolic items, you would take pictures of your creations to share with the wider community.  We would like to hear from you.  Send your pictures and stories. May your journey through Lent be interesting, engaging, enlightening, and enlivening.

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