The International Welcome Club celebrated multiple birthdays at the recent ZOOM Chat sessions

From the International Welcome Club

 The International Welcome Club celebrated multiple birthdays at recent ZOOM Chat sessions. On one Wednesday in June, Lana was one year old. The daughter of Ayman and Lulu, she is now heading to Aberdeen where her Dad has been offered a job teaching IT in a secondary school.

Also in the ZOOM session was Kelly who was born in January 2020 to Dad Kenny and Mum Dion. Dion was for a while the English Language Conversation Corner assistant who worked very hard. (She was replaced by two assistants when she stopped working when she became pregnant!)

In May, Andrew David Johnston was born. He and his big brother Joseph (three years old in June) are the grandchildren of Judith Johnston who is a regular Native English Speaker with the Club’s ZOOM times.

Most recently Tia daughter of Aya who is a medical professional from Azerbijan and her husband Genghis, celebrated her fourth birthday. Aya made THREE birthday cakes. Two for the actual birthday party to spread the fun of blowing out candles, and one for the International Club’s ZOOM session attended by so many other birthday babies. Thank you Aya for that thoughtful touch.

In Japan, Soushi was five years old earlier this year. He had been in Glasgow with Mum Rie and Dad Isao and Grandma Yukie when he was only months old. At that time the Club had a little ‘Mother and Baby’ gathering once a week. Grandma Yukie – and Isao and Rie – all say that one of the happiest times of their lives was when they were in Glasgow.

Three of our regular Club members are also Birthday Boys!

Colin who is the chess master, Prof Nader and Abdulla in Kuwait have birthdays around now and give us even more cause to celebrate! HAPPY BIRTHDAY EVERYONE!

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