‘An act of political vandalism’: Christian Aid responds to prospect of DFID losing its independence

Press Release from Christian Aid 

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Christian Aid has responded to widespread reporting that the Department for International Development (DFID) will be stripped of its independence and folded into the Foreign and Commonwealth office (FCO).

Patrick Watt, Christian Aid’s Director of policy, public affairs and campaigns said:

“Today’s announcement is an act of political vandalism. Stripping the Department for International Development (DFID) of its independence and folding it into the Foreign and Commonwealth office threatens a double whammy to people in poverty, and to our standing in the world.

“The timing couldn’t be worse for people living in poverty, when for the first time in a generation, COVID-19 is driving a dramatic increase in extreme poverty. Far from being a symbol of ‘global Britain’, this move risks making Britain more parochial, and weakening its credibility in the rest of the world.

“Without an independent DFID the UK’s ability to help tackle poverty, and the impacts of the climate crisis and conflict, will be reduced. The government’s own independent aid watchdog shows that aid spent by DFID is more effective and transparent than aid being spent by other government departments. The UK has a moral responsibility towards the world’s poorest.

“As Christian Aid’s chair Dr Rowan Williams said during the last general election campaign, ‘we need an intelligent and independent Department of International Development embedded in a government that thinks about long-term global stability. There is not much point in a development programme that co-exists – for example – with selling arms to states pursuing aggressive and brutalising wars with their neighbours.’”



Following the news can be exhausting and can make us feel helpless. If you would like to take action, you can write to your MP, MSP, or local counsillor and let them know how you feel about this and other issues. WriteToThem is a useful and easy to use tool to help you identify your representative and to email them straight away. Go to https://www.writetothem.com/ , enter your postcode, select your representative, and start writing. Your voice can and will make a difference. 


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