Online Worship Sunday 14th June 2020

Today’s worship is led by the Rev David Coleman, Eco-Chaplain at Eco-Congregation Scotland, and the Rev Tom Moffat. We thank them and everyone involved in making this online worship possible. 

The order of service is available for download here: 2020.06.14 Worship Online – Order of Service and Notes – Revd Tom Moffat and Revd David Coleman

If you would like to make an offering, you can do so by using the Church of Scotland’s donation website here: Donate to Wellington Church You can also contact the church office to find out about other forms of giving. 

The recording of our worship will premier on Sunday 11am. Click on the picture below for the video to start. 

Please note that there will be a 2 minute countdown at 11am, this is a YouTube feature that we unfortunately cannot disable. However, this feature allows those who join at 11am to be in sync with each other and possibly take comfort from knowing that we are all worshipping together at exactly the same time. If you join “late” between 11am and 12pm you will enter the video “late”, too. You can reset the video to the start if you wish. 

If you really would like to avoid the countdown, you can simply click play at 11.03am when the video will be in the entry sequence. 


Worship recordings are available online for two weeks after they first premiered here: 

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