Trinity College ZOOMinar: Pastoral Care in a Time of COVID19 (June 24, 12.30-2pm)

An invitation from  Trinity College

Four theologians discuss pastoral care in a time of pandemic.


The current pandemic has raised huge challenges for churches in relation to pastoral care. Key concerns have been responding to physical illness, death and grieving under lockdown conditions, but also responding to heightened levels of anxiety, fear and stress. Medical and care staff have been under great pressure and there will be enduring legacies of trauma for many of them. This Zoominar will be reflecting theologically on these issues and concerns and also on broader cultural impacts of the crisis on current and future well-being in our societies. How has the language and reality of distancing affected our ability to connect with and care for one another? What have we learned about the capacities and limits of online care? What has this time revealed about how we value seniors, essential low paid workers and BAME members of our society? How will the loss of opportunities and freedoms shape the development of our children and young people? How does pastoral care find context and expression in our political and liturgical theology and practice?

We have drawn together a panel of four theologians to offer reflections on pastoral care in a time of pandemic and the disruption we are in, followed by questions and interaction:

Rev Dr Harriet Harrison (Chaplain, University of Edinburgh)
Rev Dr Lance Stone (Minister of the English Reformed Church in Amsterdam, former Director of Pastoral Studies at Westminster College Cambridge)
Prof Heather Walton (Professor of Theology & Creative Practice, University of Glasgow)
Rev Dr Joss Bryan (Pastoral and Practical Theology, University of Durham)

Register on Eventbrite for a zoom link to watch and interact live:


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