WHAT a water success!

Thanks to Liz of the International Club, Wellington kitchen garden now has a second water butt (or barrel). With this dry weather, one water butt was not enough. Even these small plots need watered regularly.

Brother Basil, who lives in the flat in the Wellington Church building frequently waters with the garden hose. But he is permitted access to the building because his flat is a part of it. The other gardeners are not permitted inside the building under the present virus restrictions. So they must rely on the water in the water butt.

Asking around: ‘does anyone have a spare water butt?’ brought no results. Prayers were answered however when the need was casually mentioned to Liz in her beautiful garden when she invited me to visit when that was allowed. She immediately replied: ‘I’ve one here that I don’t use.’

In two turns of the water tap the butt was transported to the garden and put in place. But now we need a STOPPER or a tap for the hole at the bottom of the but. All we had jon hand was a little yoghurt carton we use to put on the top of marker canes so that gardeners’ eyes are protected.

There was help from Brother Basil and some of the gardeners from the University plots across the lane to get the butt in place and filled.
Everyone observed the social distancing rule, but it was nice to have some conversation and see what others were growing.

Pictures show Liz with the water butt in her beautiful garden. And the container then in situ in Wellington kitchen garden. Liz was one of the volunteers who did 10,000 steps for 10 days to raise funds for Christian Aid. You can see by the size of her garden that it wouldn’t take her long to do those steps, especially as she waters by hand (not hose) from the bottom of her terraced and very lovely garden.

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