Invitation to Iona Online Worship Sunday 7th June 7pm

From the Iona Community 

Dear friends,

We are joining together in worship at 7pm on Sunday 7th June (this coming Sunday) online.
In this service we say farewell and give thanks for our current leadership, Christian MacLean and Kathy Galloway and we welcome our New Members, finishing their 2-year programme, our new transition manager, Caro Penney and our new leader, Ruth Harvey.
This service is open to Members, Associates, Friends, other supporters and everyone’s friends and families if they so wish to be a part of the congregation.
This email gives you the link you need for joining the service but before we get to the link, two pieces of information:

    1. You can join the service on line from 6:45pm.  There will be a selection of songs from WGWG CDs with words on screen, so you can sing along. We will formally start at 7pm

    1. During the service we will all be invited to light a candle – this will happen 4 times.  One for the new Members, one for Christian and Kathy, one for Caro and one for Ruth.  So please have 4 candles ready for lighting (safely) during the service.

The service will be broadcast live on Facebook live.  You do not need to be a Facebook user to access it.  You simply click this link.
We are very much looking forward to gathering together in community, to pray together and affirm all for whom we will pray.


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