Church Joins Call for Just Recovery

From Life and Work


The Church of Scotland has joined more than 70 other organisations in calling for a ‘just and green recovery’ from the Covid-19 crisis.

The organisations, which include other faith groups, charities, poverty and environmental campaigns, trade unions and community representatives, have written to First Minister Nicola Sturgeon urging ‘a radical response to the double crises of climate change and Coronavirus’.

They call for expanded public ownership of public services; redistribution of wealth to protect marginalised and poor people; increased spending on the shift to a fairer, greener economy; the strengthening of democracy and human rights; and supporting a fair international coronavirus and climate response that supports the poorest and worst affected.

The letter says: “The COVID-19 crisis has laid bare how inequality is lethal to human life, but it has also shone a light on acts of solidarity and cooperation and centred the vital role of public services, key workers and unpaid carers. Amidst a global threat to human rights and democracy, this crisis has also brought forward the possibility of an economic revival that ensures resilience to future crises, including the climate emergency.

“The recovery from Coronavirus is a rare chance to markedly accelerate the repurposing of government away from the prioritisation of economic growth and towards goals of wellbeing and sustainability, ending inequality and environmental destruction. This is a time for system change.”

Among the signatories are the Very Rev Dr Susan Brown, convener of the Church of Scotland’s Faith Impact Forum, the heads of Christian Aid Scotland and Tearfund Scotland, and representatives of the Scottish Episcopal Church and Quakers in Scotland.

You can read the full letter here and sign a petition of support here.

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