Lockdown Labyrinth

Seen on the Facebook page of our neighbours Hillhead Baptist Church

Source: The London Centre for Spiritual Direction

Lockdown Labyrinth-page-001

Labyrinths have often been walked to focus one’s mind on God. This lockdown labyrinth has been designed with this extraordinary time in mind.

Rather than a journey to the centre, this labyrinth’s twisting turns and long corridors mirror our current circumstances.

This journey will hopefully take you to a new understanding of where you already are.

Trace the path with your finger and consider the questions as you journey through the labyrinth.

Heading in

1. What are you embracing about the time ahead, what are you resisting?

2. Some rhythms of life have to be let go, which are you pleased about, which are painful?

3. Where is ‘safety’ now?

In the midst

4. How is your body and soul feeling?

5. What expectations of ‘normal’ are you letting go of?

6. We serve God when there is work for us, and when there is none. Who is God calling you to be or become at this time?

7. What is your ‘daily bread’ now?

Heading out

8. What do you want to leave behind/let go of?

9. What have you learned about yourself and God at this time?

10. What new questions are arising for you?

11. What gift from this time will you take with you?

A PDF version of the Labyrinth is available for printing here: Lockdown Labyrinth

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