A prayer for the singers

By Linda Kurtz in The Presbyterian Outlook submitted by Liz Blythe

2019 Choir
We are incredibly grateful for the contributions of our choir scholars to our online worship and we cannot wait until we can hear our full choir on Sunday mornings again. 

Creator God,
Since You formed us in Your image,
we humans have been singing.
After You led them out of slavery,
Moses and Miriam and all Your people sang songs of thanksgiving.
After You sent an angel to tell Mary of her son,
she sang her praise,
her soul magnifying the Lord.
How can we keep from singing?

Sing to the Lord a new song;
I will sing to the Lord all my life,
Making music from my heart to the Lord.
I will sing with my spirit,
but I will also sing with my understanding.
How can we keep from singing?

And yet, here we are,
Faced with a health crisis that is forcing us
to stop singing,
to cease using the lungs and mouths and very air You created
to make music,
to respond to all that You have done in this world
to use our energy, intelligence, imagination and love for Your glory.

And so, we pray for the singers,
for those You gifted with voices high and low, tentative and powerful,
and with music like the psalmists.
How can they keep from singing?

Comfort them, O God,
and move us all to bear witness to their grief.
Soothe their song-filled souls
until they can sing in wonder
and worship
and give thanks
once more;
until their hearts are so filled with music
and the world is safe again
that they cannot keep from singing.

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