CAW Challenge 5: 1.000.000 Steps for Christian Aid


This challenge is for those who love a good long walk or for those who want to make best use of the fact that we are now allowed to go out for exercise multiple times per day.

The British Heart Foundation lists the benefits of walking as follows:

  • boost your energy
  • aid relaxation and clear your mind
  • provide a sense of achievement and satisfaction
  • improve confidence and mood
  • help manage your weight
  • promote healthier blood cholesterol and blood pressure
  • build stronger bones and muscles
  • reduce your risk of heart attack

So by signing up to this challenge, you are not only helping to raise funds for Christian Aid, you will also enhance your well-being!

Here is how it works:

  • sign up individually or build a team and let Rebecca know (email her or fill the form below).
  • find a sponsor (if you cannot find a sponsor, we will help to find one for you!). You are of course also free to find more than one sponsor!
  • walk 10.000 steps every day from 18-28 May (if you take the challenge as a team you can divide the 10.000 per day steps as you find fit).
  • this means that you/your team will contribute 100.000 steps towards our 1.000.000 step target
  • record your steps on a fitness tracker, your phone, or by recording the miles you walked (10.000 steps are about 5 miles). Report your final number of steps to Rebecca.

Get in touch today to sign up:

For full info about all our Christian Aid Week(s) activities go to: Christian Aid Week 2020

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