My beautiful surprise

From the International Welcome Club

MY BEAUTIFUL SURPRISE was the theme of the English Language Conversation Corner on Wednesday 6 May 2020.

Some people told of generous strangers who paid their bus fare when they arrived in Scotland without UK currency or did not have the exact change required on the bus from the airport.

Andrew – who is quite a story teller – explained how a chance remark in the visitor centre at Sir Walter Scott’s home in the Borders of Scotland, led him to find a branch of his family in Australia he did not know existed.

Ayman explained how he was feeling alone on his birthday soon after his arrival in Scotland from Syria, when some of his friends knocked on his door to give him a birthday cake and a party. He did not know how they knew it was his birthday but Facebook had revealed the date to them.

So a good time was had by all.

We owe a special THANK YOU to Liz, Kenny and Dion, and Isobel for setting up the ZOOM 7 Conversation Corner.  We’re finding that if one person sets up the technical side of ZOOM and manages that, another person- a Native English Speaker (NES) can then be the Host and welcome people and keep the conversation going. Signed up as Nes Hosts are Liz, Margaret, Judith, Moira, Grace, Andrew, Colin and Isabel.

Our guests that Wednesday were: Natalia and Svetlana in Turkey, Abdulla in Kuwait, Lai and Lydia from China, Wanlu in Shanghai, Ayman and Nisreen from Syria, Alberto, Elisa, Gabriela and Adelaida from Spain, Naziya from Kazakhstan.

A few people were not able to make it at the last minute, but we hope to see them next week, God willing.

We’ve been inviting International Welcome Club members to send us their pretty pictures. These ones are from Mark Rickards – a great supporter of the International Welcome Club who’s given us several fascinating evenings about his travel assignments for the BBC. His photographs were taken in Glasgow’s Botanic Gardens recently during lockdown when he and his daughter went for their daily exercise. He’s the person sitting under the tree. And the sunset is another beautiful one he captured recently.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

ZOOM Conversation Corner updated

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