CAW Challenge 2: Bible Reading Challenge

For this challenge, we invite you to work through the Book of Numbers in 7 days.

The 15 minute video below gives an overview of what the Book of Numbers entails. Click on the picture for the video to start (or to be taken to the video’s YouTube page if you are receiving this by email).

Here is how the challenge works:

  • sign up by letting Roger know (email him or fill the form below).
  • find a sponsor (if you cannot find a sponsor, we will help to find one for you!). You are of course also free to find more than one sponsor!
  • read the Book of Numbers every day from 18-28 May (if you want to do it at pace you will have to read 5 chapters daily).
  • there might be a wee quiz at the end of this challenge to test what you have learned!

Get in touch today to sign up:


For full info about all our Christian Aid Week(s) activities go to: Christian Aid Week 2020

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