Christian Aid Week(s) 2020 at Wellington Church – Challenge Overview


Christian Aid Week this year is different not only because the Corona pandemic forces us to move everything online but also because at Wellington it will last 3 weeks from 10th to 31st May 2020. This “Christian Aid Season” will conclude with our Communion service on Pentecost Sunday when our special offering will also go to Christian Aid.

During these 3 weeks, we ask you to take part in one, some, or all of 5 challenges we have prepared for you:

e-Envelope Challenge

his is the most simple and least demanding challenge in our list – so we hope that all members of the congregation who are able to will take part.

  • Go to
  • Create a Christian Aid e-Envelope with your own personal message in 3 easy steps
  • send the e-Envelope to at least 2 people to encourage them to donate to Christian Aid.

Bible Reading Challenge Introduction to & Overview of the Book of Numbers | Bible study ...

The Book of Numbers takes the reader on a long and winding path through a desert of excruciating detail. The book records census results for all twelve tribes not once, but twice; it documents priestly instructions for handling the Ark of the Covenant and the tabernacle; and it even spells out the placement of the tribes when they camped. But through it all, we cannot doubt God’s unfailing direction over the nation.

For this challenge, we invite you to work through the Book of Numbers in 7 days. The book has 36 chapters so this makes it about 5 chapters a day.

Contact Roger Sturrock for more details and to sign up for the challenge.

Poetry Challenge

The Rime of the Ancient Mariner: Illustrated: Samuel ...Reporting on the “Big Read” of The Rime of the Ancient Mariner The Guardian writes: “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner is a founding fable for our time. A fable must by definition revolve around an animal, and in Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s nightmare the slain albatross hangs around the fated sailor’s neck like a broken cross, an emblem of his sin against nature. It is all too relevant today, as a statement of isolation and despair: “Alone, alone, all, all alone, / Alone on a wide, wide sea!” Yet in that forlorn expression is great power; the power of art to change us.”

The Big Read hosted by the University of Plymouth’s Art Institute split the 150 verses of The Rime into 40 sections, to be read by performers, writers, and poets. We are more ambitious than that!

Robin Green, who is coordinating this challenge writes: “We are looking for seven people who would be prepared to learn a part of this poem and recite it on Zoom following the morning service at Pentecost (31st May). If you are willing to do this, please contact me as soon as possible (I am desperate for volunteers!). While the Ancient Mariner is not a religious poem, it is very far from an irreligious one and is a rather good ghost story with an environmental theme. We hope that many members of the congregation will sponsor the brave folk who will be learning and reciting part of this poem and will tune in to  ear it at Pentecost. Please sponsor them if you can, say at one pence a line, or even more.”

Contact Robin Green for more details and to sign up for the challenge.

Hand Painting Challenge

Picture 2 Written in Gods hand
Behütet auf all Deinen Wegen – Guarded on all your ways.

This challenge is made for the young (and those who feel young!) among us. Inspried by church youth workers in Germany this challenge is a simple and colourful way to engage with others during this lockdown period.

Here is how it works:

  • Contact Rebecca to be allocated a random letter 
  • Paint a letter in your hand (alternatively draw an outline of your hand on paper and add a letter)
  • Take a picture
  • Send it to Rebecca

We will use the letters during the Pentecost service on 31st May.

1.000.000 Steps Challenge

Air Force officer finds niche running halfway across the globe

In times of lockdown it can be really difficult to keep active and stay fit so why not add a bit of extra motivation by joining a challenge?

The 1.000.000 step challenge is as straight forward as it sounds – we want Wellington folks to walk 1.000.000 steps for Christian Aid. We are looking for from 18th to 28th May we are looking for 10 entries to walk 10.000 steps a day. Ideally, steps should be recorded with a fitness tracker but we can also estimate steps from distances walked.

Since we recognise different physical abilities to take up this challenge, we would allow entries by individuals as well as by teams. Each entry should contribute 100.000 steps.

Contact Rebecca if you would like to sign up to this challenge.


All challenges are organised by our Mission and Outreach Committee who are inviting members of the congregation to take up a challenge and/or to sponsor someone who does. Please get in touch with Roger, Robin, or Rebecca if you want to take part (or if you have any questions).  Alternatively, you can use this contact form: 

Here are the details for each challenge:

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