Laughter Day

From Grace Franklin

Nightingale Care Home in Paisley is working on LAUGHTER is the best medicine. I know the MD – Arti Poddar who is the second generation of her family to be running care homes. Their staff training is: you must treat each person as if they were your own Mother or Father. They’ve just had a LAUGHTER DAY.
Here is a shot of some of their jokes. Why not try to have a Laughter Day, too?
Post your favourite joke in the comments below!
GF Care home funny jokes-

What do you call a small mother?
A Minimum!

Why are Frogs so happy?
They eat whatever bugs them!

What kind of jokes do you make in the shower?
Clean jokes.

What did one eye say to the other?
Between you and me something smells!

What do bus drivers put on their morning pancakes?
Traffic Jam.

Why do cows wear bells?
Because their horns don’t work.

What do you call a man with no body and just a nose?
Nobody nose.

How do you make a tissue dance?
Put a little boogey in it!

Where do bees go to the bathroom?
At the BP station.

What happens if you boil a funny bone?
You get a laughing stock.

What’s the first bet that most people make in their lives?
The alphabet.

What’s a foot long and sippery?
A slipper!

What do you call a man with gravy and potatoes on his head?
A Stew!

Why did the picture go to jail?
Because it was framed.

What do you get from a pampered cow?
Spoiled milk.

What happens if you eat yeast and shoe polish?
Every morning you’ll rise and shine.

One thought on “Laughter Day

  1. More jokes to add to hilarity: How do you make a jacket last? – Make the trousers first!
    What does a kangeroo do when its angry? It gets hopping made!


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