Online Prayer and Worship Resources

Suspending our worship gatherings has been an unprecedented but necessary step. We work on providing an online forum for Wellington to come together in prayer but until that is up and running we would like to highlight existing resources:

Church of Scotland Worship online

A growing number of churches are offering recorded or livestreamed worship. The Communications team at 121 made a list of the churches who have that facility and keeps on updating the list.

Sanctuary First – The Church of Scotland online congregation

Sanctuary First is a pioneer ministry that is passionate about developing new ways for people to connect with God, spirituality, and one another. In a busy, overwhelming digital world, we want to give you the opportunity to pause and draw breath – to take a moment – before carrying on with the rest of your day.

BBC Radio 4 Daily Service

Every morning at 9.45am BBC 4 Radio offers a space for spiritual reflection with a Bible reading, prayer and a range of Christian music. Contributions are ecumenical and reflect the vibriant diversity of Christian life in the UK.


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