Questions of Faith start “Life is Not a Long Quiet River” by Fr Willy Slavin

Our Questions of Faith Group meets every Thursday at 8pm to discuss various aspects and challenges as well as blessings that we confront in our life as Christians and our search for Christ.

This week we start a new book – a perfect time to join us! We will discuss “Life Is Not a Long Quiet River : A Memoir” by Fr Willy Slavin.

Father Willy Slavin

Fr Willy Slavin is a priest, psychologist and writer. A keen walker, Willy is also known for his involvement in supporting the homeless community, including involvement in bringing the Homeless Jesus Statue to Glasgow.


Open House writes about the book:

This compact volume is really several different books compressed into one. It is a self-searching autobiography, reviewing a lifetime of rich and varied achievement. It is a portrait of the ordained priesthood in the generation following Vatican II. It is a revelation of the immense worldwide reach of the Roman Catholic Church. And it is a testimony to the significance of Jesus of Nazareth to the person who would live a meaningful life. (read more on:

Wellington Church is an inclusive, affirmative, and welcoming church. ALL are welcome.


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