What’s happening in Campus Ministry

The keen observer will have noticed a flurry of activities being published on this website that relate to our student outreach efforts. Here the Reverend Liz Blythe updates us what the new term holds: 

Many things continue, new things begin.  The work of the International Welcome Club will continue to serve the University Community through Conversation Corner and Friday night events. In addition, Roger Sturrock and Liz Johnson Blythe will continue their work with the University Chaplain.   Roger and Liz will lead Morning Prayers at the University Chapel throughout the Autumn semester.  Morning Prayer is 8:45-8:55am.  If you’d like to, you are welcome to come.  Mark your calendar with these dates:

Tue, 24 Sept – Liz

Wed, 2 Oct – Roger

Fri, 25 Oct – Liz

Mon, 4 Nov – Roger

Fri, 29 Nov – Roger

Tue, 17 Dec – Liz

Roger and Liz’s involvement with the Chaplain’s office will continue at the invitation of the new Chaplain to be installed later this year.

Freshers’ Week

In addition to Cafe on the Steps, there were a number of ways Wellington was active during Freshers’ Week.

Social Justice Fayre – Rebecca Gebauer has organised a fayre of organisations associated with Wellington to illustrate how social justice and faith go hand-in-hand.  Among the organisations that attended on 18 Sept were Christian Aid, Eco Congregation Scotland, and the Student Christian Movement (SCM).

TryChurch – Last Spring we decided to associate with Fusion and have Wellington listed on their website of churches for students actively looking for a church while at University.  We’ve had a number of contacts from people headed to Glasgow this Autumn, so keep your eyes open for visiting students on Sunday mornings.  Fusion, thanks to Wellington, had a stall at Freshers’ Week (also on 18 Sept) encouraging students to find a church while at University.

The Sing Thing – A new regular event will afford an opportunity for the campus community to get together to sing.  It will be led by Liz with the help of the Wild Goose Resource Group.  Singing has been heralded recently for its health benefits and stress reduction.  Singing is also an integral part of Christian faith.  We will gather, sing, and have a brief prayer.  Those who are interested may enjoy lunch together afterward.  It is truly, simply an opportunity for students, faculty, and staff to gather and sing together. Wednesdays 1:15-1:45

University Chaplaincy Table – As they have during Open Days and Freshers’ Week over the last year, Roger and Liz helped to staff the University Chaplaincy table during Open Days and Freshers’ Week.

Community Dinner – What do students love more than just about anything else?  Free food.  What do they yearn for (besides good grades)?  Community.  Throughout the Autumn semester, we will offer a monthly free meal the first Tuesday of the month, before the SCM Bible Study.  If you would like to help to provide meals, please contact Christine Blackhurst or Liz Johnson Blythe.

Making Contact – If you talk with a student, member of faculty, or University staff member, who visits Wellington on Sunday mornings, please be ready to direct them to the ongoing activities of the Campus Ministry.  Invite them to Coffee Hour after worship and to church meals, and help them to get in contact with Liz; so that she can follow up with the students during the week.  As with all visitors, welcoming people from the University is an act of the whole church.

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