Discover Wellington: Staying tuned – Weekly Notes and Weekly Notes

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Weekly Notes and Dates


Wellington Church is a busy place with lots of things going on throughout the week – sometimes it can be hard to keep track! But do not despair, there are a few places where you can “stay tuned”.


Weekly Notes in our Order of Service: If you join us on a Sunday morning (11am) you will be provided with an Order of Service which not only guides you through worship but also lists all activities that are coming up in the next days and weeks.


Weekly Notes on the Website: All info that is handed out on a Sunday in paper form is also uploaded to our website. You find the most recent Order of Service and the Weekly notes here: 

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Wellington News 

Wellington News: Our church has its own magazine that is published at least quarterly. The Wellington News are a perfect place to discover what events might be coming up in the church and in our wider community but also to read about what has happened at Wellington in the recent and distant past. The magazine also usually includes a pastoral letter and the current duty roster for those who help on Sunday mornings.

Social Media: The Church is present on Facebook and Twitter as Wellington1884 (1884 being the year we moved to Glasgow’s West End). Our International Welcome Club is also found on Facebook as a group called iWelcome Club.

Wellington Church is an inclusive, affirmative, and welcoming church. ALL are welcome.



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