Message from the Assisting Minister

Dear Friends,

We recently had a family get together to celebrate one of our grandsons going to college. Some of us gathered in the garden round a ‘fire pit’ on a lovely evening when the logs burned well and we enjoyed the warmth of the flames. Suddenly one of the logs sent up a shower of sparks and I was reminded of the verse from the book of Job in the Old Testament “but human beings are born to trouble as sparks fly upward.” (Job.5:7).

fireThe past months have certainly been full of trouble and turmoil both geopolitically and domestically. The future seems uncertain and we can be tempted to retire into our shells and ‘hunker’ down until events have taken their course! However, that should not be the Christian response to difficulties. In the history of the early church, Christians were known as ‘the people of the Way’ (Acts 9:2.) which implies that they were on a journey of faith that resulted in a real purpose in life and an exciting transformation of their thinking and behaviour.

I recently attended a ‘Recharge’ conference organised by Glasgow Presbytery. The conference focused on the challenges of presenting the good news of Jesus to children, young adults and young people with additional needs. One of the aspirations of the conference was “We seek to be a church that is relational, desiring deep relationships with God and one another regardless of age.” That is a great aspiration for Wellington church as we look to the future and seek God’s guidance for the way ahead. The book of Job ends with a really positive statement by Job (despite all his many troubles and challenges):

“I know that you can do all things and that no purpose of yours can be thwarted.”

Let us be confident that the Lord has a purpose for us individually and as a church as we continue to walk in “the Way”.

Roger Sturrock

September 2019

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