Lodging House Mission: Easter message 2019

He is not here, He is risen (Matthew 28 v 6)

If we persevere in faithful obedience, our efforts will often be blessed beyond our utmost hopes. The pious women who the tomb of our Lord looked only for the sad satisfaction of preparing His body for the tomb. But as they devotedly went about their duties they soon saw that the stone was rolled away and that their Lord was risen from the dead. Here at the Lodging House Mission, as we go about our duties and faithfully commit to that which the Lord has given us to be involved in, we leave the miraculous to the God of miracles and trust him, even beyond our hopes and expectations. And to this end we pray that:

  • The living Christ might shine forth from our staff and volunteers so that we might be like Christ to them, bringing love and hope.
  • Our eyes are opened to see Christ in those we serve.
  • Others might know that we serve a risen Saviour and that He is able to save to the uttermost, those that come to God by Him.
  • The empty tomb of people’s individual lives might be filled with the richness and fullness of the living Christ who is the answer to our every need.

Easter is a time of new beginnings. Many of our guests here at the Lodging House Mission come to us helpless, without hope and are so desperately in need of a new beginning in their lives. Pray that there might be that new beginning for them and that they might have newness of life and newness of hope but most importantly, that it might be anchored in Christ because without him we can do nothing.

We are careful at all times to give thanks to the Lord for His every blessing and so we thank Him for:

  • The work of the Winter Night Shelter which we helped to host again this year (December – March) and the many positive accommodation outcomes that were achieved through the networked help and support of our partner agencies.
  • Every individual that we were enabled to feed and provide sustenance to.
  • Every opportunity that we get for positive engagement with our guests.
  • The wide and diverse group of volunteers and helpers who aid and support us in so many different ways.
  • Our large number of friends and supporters who work away, often in the background and unnoticed, networking for us and championing our cause and promoting our mission.
  • The generosity of our many benefactors and those who regularly donate either with money or with goods to help us deliver our mission.
  • The approval of the Chaplain position, praying that the right person will come forward.
  • The opportunity to express our faith in action and to show forth the love of Christ in practical ways as well as spiritually.
  • Every life touched with warmth and kindness, every life changed, every comfort given.

Thank you for all your prayerful support of the Lodging House Mission

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