From Now On – Lent Bible Study

We plan to base this year’s Lent Bible study on the film “The Greatest Showman” which is about the story of the great American showman Phineas Barnum. The study booklet is entitled “From Now On” and deals with the great themes of hope and redemption. The studies will begin with a showing of the film at 7.30pm in the Woodlands hall on Thursday 7th March.

There will then be 5 studies from 7.30pm-9pm. on Thursdays,
7th (film), 14th, 21st, 28th March and 4th, 11th April.
Coffee and tea etc. will be available in Woodlands Hall

The description by the publisher goes as follows:

A brilliant new Lent Course for 2019, based on the hugely popular film The Greatest Showman. The 2018 Golden Globe-nominated movie starring Hugh Jackman, about the founder and stars of the Barnum & Bailey Circus is ideal for Lenten study of Christian themes of hope, redemption and new life. The five-week course offers discussion points, biblical reflections and prayers based on short excerpts from the film. The themes are: (1) `A Million Dreams’, exploring what liberation and hope might look like for an `outsider’ in the world; (2) `Come Alive’, exploring how the family of faith can bring hope and purpose; (3) `Rewrite the stars’, asks what forms of resistance can be placed in the way of salvation; (4) `Never Enough’, questions the temptations of false fulfilment that can lead us to betrayal; (5) `The Greatest Show’, shows how redemption is found when we discover `the circus is our home’.

Lent 2019

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