Wellie News – Annals of Wellington Street Church 1877

Recently we have had an old book about Wellington, when it was Wellington Street Church, returned to us. Carolyn Jory nee Shepheard has sent it up to us from Romsey where she is living now. Her parents were Rex Shepheard and Helen Simmers who met in Wellington and were married there in 1928. He was a Chairman of the Shipbuilding Conference and helped to unite the shipyards of the upper Clyde during difficult times. She moved to Vancouver, then back to Hampshire where she lives now. Clearing out their extensive library they found her parents’ book about Wellington and have returned it to us. Church members who would like to see it can borrow it from Anthea in the Church office. Carolyn would be very happy to hear from anyone who remembers the family who were here in Dr Jarvis’s time.

Wellington Street Church

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