Wellie News – Wellington Choir

by Lizanne McKerrell

As a member of Wellington’s Church Choir in the ‘60s and ‘70s and a choral singer, I’d like to say how much I am appreciating the current choir and its excellent leading of worship. Over the last three years it has been a particular delight to listen to and join with the Choir in our Sunday worship. The Choral Scholars are taking a wonderful lead and giving confidence to the whole Choir and this also encourages members of the congregation to join the Choir which is now expanding. (Even the congregation are singing more lustily and meaningfully.)

I am in awe of the Choir members who in a short 40 minutes on a Sunday morning prepare to lead the Congregation in the hymns and also sing a new Introit and Anthem each week. The Choral Scholars lend speed and confidence in learning the music. The scholars themselves benefit from singing in a liturgical context, performing solos and having a helpful grant to help with their student living expenses. It can’t be easy as a student getting up early on a Sunday! We are also benefiting from the monthly Chamber Music concerts organised by Connor where we hear other performers providing a range of wonderful music for us. Much credit must also go out to Choirmaster, Alan Kitchen, for the wonderful variety of music he provides including many of his own arrangements. He is now able to give us a wider variety and depth of music knowing that he will be sure to have singers in all four parts.

I very much hope that we can plan forward in these insecure times for our Congregation, to continue to finance this great Wellington tradition of a strong musical and uplifting lead for our worship.

Wellington Church Sunday Choir

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