New Destiny Update from Susie Reid:       Transformers Camps 

destiny-updateThe second half of the year has been our TF Camps season. This year the kids had to earn their camp, by attending school regularly, which has meant that many of our youngsters who had stopped going or were skiving a lot of lessons, have started to change their ways!  (At the end of this term the reward for the faithful, will be the end of year party and this year’s TF t-shirt with their name on it!).
The kids camps were awesome as usual.  The children look forward to camp all year! It’s when they get to do adventure activities in the forest, the zip wire, play in the canoes etc.  At the oldest boys camp in August, there was such a feeling of unity and family, it felt like God was just wrapping his arms around the boys, so many of whom have aggressive or absent fathers or very stressed, angry single mums.  On the Saturday night we had a special service in which we encouraged them to stay on the right path, keep going to school and not go into the drug scene (a constant temptation as they are surrounded by it). We reminded them of how much we believe in them and how much God loves them and has a good plan for their lives. At one of the girls camps, it was especially lovely to see a couple of the older girls who in the TF groups tend to be more aggressive and rebellious, playing games with some of the girls from the younger group, they were just enjoying being children and playing on the farm. The place is so key, it’s not so much what they do here that the children come for, it’s the beautiful surroundings, and the love, care and respect that they receive here when they come. That’s what makes the difference!


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