International Welcome Club


Forward planning is getting into gear at the International Welcome Club. Grace Franklin wants to go travelling for some months from mid November.  So Team members Liz Davidson, Isabel Macmillan, Joyce Smith and assistants Shawn, Natalia and Lillie are looking for others to join them in the happy work to ‘Have Fun with Friends’ – the club motto.   Volunteers welcome!Come and see how the Club works. There is a Ceilidh in the Crypt on Friday 28 Feb and something happening in the library other Fridays at 7.30pm.

Every Wednesday native English speakers host people from around the world who are practising their English language. This is a relaxed way of meeting new people and works very well as Hosts get to know Hosts and Guests get to know Guests and Hosts and Guests get to know each other.

Some of the recent highlights from Club activities include celebrating New Year – several times over!  First, in January, we had a lovely introduction to the traditional Russian New Year from Natalia who is Russian with the Scots among us telling how it used to be here. Plus others adding in knowledge of New Year customs in Greece and Syria with good wishes coming from those who celebrated New Year in sunny Spain.   A couple of weeks later the Chinese members of the Club- and Youai Club members –  gave a very professional presentation on Chinese New Year just before they all went off to celebrate it themselves making dumplings together. In the course of that evening Lillie, who is the Wednesday Conversation Corner assistant, wore her traditional costume from her part of China. She entranced everyone by singing a Chinese song in a most beautiful voice.  Till then, no one knew she sang.  Joyce Smith gave a well received demonstration on how to make shortbread. Our programme continues till the end of April. May is a holiday month for all volunteers. Then the summer programme of away-days starts in June and runs till the end of September when the autumn programme commences.   So you’ve plenty of time to get to know this aspect of Wellington Church life….give it a try!
Please join us on facebook group:  Wellington Church International Club

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