SCM does LGBT History Month  


by Debbie White

front-of-a6-postcard-scm-glasgow-lgbt-history-month-1-page-001In the week beginning the 20th of February, the Glasgow branch of the Student Christian Movement are hosting a number of events for LGBT History Month. Celebrated in February each year, this month is a nationwide opportunity to celebrate the history and the future of LGBTQ+ people and to prompt opportunity for discussion and debate. SCM is a student-led movement inspired by Jesus to act for justice and show God’s love in the world. As a community we come together to pray, worship and explore faith in an open and non-judgemental environment. One of our values is diversity, and ensuring that we are all made welcome and valued in the kingdom of God, regardless of regardless of age, disability, denomination, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, socio-economic background or belief. This is a value we have seen in action at Wellington, which is why we’re delighted to be hosted by the Church this week.

Our events are focused on LGBTQ+ people in the church, as we ask ‘what’s next?’ Great gains have been made in wider society in recent years and in some denominations and some churches, but there is still some way to go. We will be welcoming a number of guest speakers from Glasgow and beyond speaking on various different aspects of LGBTQ+ experience. We are particularly excited to welcome Rachel Mann from Manchester, who will be speaking to us about trans* Christianity, and for our panel, featuring Vicky Gunn, Kelvin Holdsworth and Iona Kimmitt.

We are also running a whiteboard campaign which will be available at all our events – we’re looking for people to write their hopes for the LGBTQ+ community in the church and share these on social media.

All are very welcome to come to these events, whether you’re a current student or your own student days are long behind you. Please email us on if you have any questions.

The events are:

Monday 20 Feb, 18:30 – Queer Bible study with Dr Sarah Nicholson
Tuesday 21 Feb, 18:30 – ‘Bisexuality and the Church’ with Dan Cruickshank
Wednesday 22 Feb, 13:00 – ‘Queer histories, Queer presents: the why and the what of LGBTQ+ history.’ A conversation with historian Debbie White’
Wednesday 22 Feb, 18:30 – Asexuality workshop with Joanna Russell.
Thursday 23 Feb, 18:30 – ‘Trans* Christianity’ with Reverend Rachel Mann
Friday 24 Feb, 18:30 – ‘Queer Church – where next?’ A panel discussion with Dr Vicky Gunn, Iona Kimmitt, and the Very Reverend Kelvin Holdsworth.
All events are free and unticketed. Monday – Wednesday takes place in the Lounge. Thursday and Friday’s events will be in the Mitchell Room


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