Christianity Explored Course starting soon!


Christianity Explored is a relaxed and contemporary course that explores the key questions about the nature of the Christian faith.   Each week of the course focuses on a different aspect of Jesus’ life based on the Gospel of Mark which chronicles the life story of Jesus.

The course runs over 7 weeks and each session begins with food, drink and a time to chat and relax.    There will be a short DVD discussing an aspect of Jesus’ life and then a time to discuss and ask questions. No prior knowledge of the bible is required!

Starting on 5th October, we will be meeting on Wednesdays in the crypt café in Wellington church at 5.30pm and will conclude our study with a shared meal around 7pm. 

If you want to explore the best news you’ve ever heard, this is the course for you!

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2 thoughts on “Christianity Explored Course starting soon!

  1. Hello,
    I’ve just found your website and was interested in attending the Christianity Explored classes-but I see they have already started.
    Is it possible to still attend or do you know if there will be another course soon?
    All the best


    1. Dear Janice,

      The course is designed in a way that allows for people to join in at any time so we would be more than happy to welcome you!

      Please be aware that we have changed the timing of the course so that it starts at 5.30pm and concludes with a shared meal around 7pm.

      We hope to see you on Wednesday!



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