Gardening Partnership with Woodlands Community Garden

by Christine Johnston

Earlier in the year, we entered into a partnership with Woodlands Community Garden to develop the garden space previously known as the Breathing Place into a shared resource for growing vegetables.

Wellington has provided the ground and some funding for tools, seeds etc, and Woodlands is providing expert help in the person of Gerry Hutchison for two hours every Thursday afternoon between 2pm and 4pm.

As you can see from the photogrgardenaphs, in a few months the space has been transformed and is now producing vegetables which are ready for harvesting.

The first thing Gerry did was to divide up the ground into smaller areas for people to take possession of and for them to prepare the ground, ie weeding and adding compost to the earth, and then to choose which seeds to sow. There has been a steady trickle of different people each week, but there is still some communal ground which could be allocated to Wellington folk if they would like a wee plot.
There is a tool-shed in the area which people can access anytime with a code, so if you can’t make Thursday afternoon, you can still come and work at a time which suits you. At the moment there is a very healthy crop of kale, which Gerry says will last through the winter, there are broad beans, purple-podded peas, runner beans, carrots, leeks, potatoes, radishes, lettuce, beetroot and courgettes.
Gerry has also sorted out the compost bins and it is hoped that we can make our own compost for next year’s planting. He has also provided information and guidance in the tool-shed about vegetable gardening in general.

It is amazing how much has been achieved with just a few people for two hours a week and here is a picture of some of the produce picked on Sunday.

garden 2.jpg

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