‘On the Road’


Kirk leaders are going ‘On the Road’ this autumn running a series of day and evening events across the country to hear from you.  We want both to listen to your ideas and to share thinking about the future direction of the ministry and mission of the Church of Scotland.

Listening:  A main feature of ‘On the Road’ events will be space to hear what you have to say about helping the Church of Scotland to be a thriving Church.  We will look at key parts of our Christian life, such as Worship; Nurturing Faith; engaging in our communities.  What do you have to say about the way we do these things and how we might do them in future?

Sharing:  There will be an opportunity for us to share with you some of the key new ideas which Councils of the Church have been developing and to hear your response to them.  Do these things ‘scratch where we are itching’?  How might we shape them to meet the needs you see in Church and community?

Planning:  The Council of Assembly is coordinating ‘On the Road’, principally working with the Ministries Council, Mission & Discipleship and the Panel on Review and Reform.  Others such as the General Trustees, who play a key role in the care of buildings, will also be present. All of these bodies are working together to help the Church plan for the future – and we need your help in doing that.

This is not just an event for others – it is for you!  Only by hearing from you, can we be informed to plan more effectively for the future mission and ministry of the Church.  We are anticipating significant numbers of people at these events, so it would be helpful in planning if you would book a slot at the event which best suits you.   This can be done very simply online using the Eventbrite system and booking is open now at http://churchofscotland.eventbrite.com

Day events will run from 11.00am-3.00pm and Evening events from 6.30pm-9.30pm in various locations throughout September to November.

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