provided by the Prayer Group

The Lord says “Stand at the crossroads, ask for the ancient paths,

ask where the good way is and walk in it.” 

                                                                    Jeremiah 6.16 (NRSV) 

  • Give thanks to God that where we keep our eyes focused on him, he  will show us the way.
  • Pray for those who come to study, work and live among us.
  • Pray for the International Welcome Club as they continue to share friendship and more to overseas students and others.
  • Pray for Kathryn and Karen as they continue the work of the holiday clubs and camps in strengthening the faith of young people in schools in the West End.
  • Pray for peace in our own lives and peace with justice in our world.
  • Praise God for the riches of harvest and the wonder of all that grows in our gardens.


If you wish prayer for any matter, please contact us

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