Wellington News: Message from the minister

Dear Friends,

As I write this, we are in the midst of preparing to go on holiday.  It’s always a time of anticipation, even excitement, perhaps a little apprehension as you trust that all the arrangements work out in the way they are supposed to.  We’ll let you know all about it when we come back!

As you read this, the congregation will be in the midst of the beginnings of a new session of activity.  The Questions of Faith Group will be launched into the study of a new book; the International Welcome Club will be engaged in a new programme for Friday evenings; the plans for Freshers’ Week and the new session of university life will be being put into action; the Crypt Cafe will be getting itself up and running once again; the church choir will be back helping to lead worship; the Sunday School and Sunday Group will be back to meeting every week.

All these groups, various groups not even mentioned here, and perhaps some new ones (we have a developing relationship with the Student Christian Movement, for example), bring their own share of anticipation, excitement and perhaps even apprehension.  We want it all to go well, after all; we want the life of the congregation to be lively and inspiring and welcoming; we want our living to be faithful to the good news of Jesus, to be living that attracts others to be part of it.

We know we are not here just to keep the show on the road, to keep the things the way that best suits those who are already among us; we are here, said Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Archbishop Temple, for those who are not our members.  And that is, or should be, exciting; it’s something worth anticipating, maybe even something in which it is worth investing just enough apprehension to make sure we give it everything we have.

It is what so many in Wellington Church have been so accustomed to doing over many years, and it always leaves me in awe.  But then, the Gospel we serve deserves nothing less.

Every blessing for the coming church year.

Yours in Christ,

David Sinclair

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