Garden Growing


Wellington is growing…. broad beans, courgettes, potatoes, onions and lots of other vegetables. In what some know as the Breathing Space, the green fingered brigade have set too with a right good will – and a silent prayer from some!

Jerry is on the left of the photograph with new comers Ariadne and Billy who planted a plot together. Under the direction of Jerry Hutchinson from Woodlands Community Garden Trust and with Wellington’s Robin Green taking the lead, the partnership is flourishing every Thursday from 2pm till 4pm. They cleared most of the area with additional clearing underway thanks to Brad and his team. Then they planted seeds, watered them and – SURPRISE – they are growing! There are even a few flowers taking root. This is a very nice, quiet, convivial group of people of all ages – including the Sunday School children. Most of the green fingered brigade have never met any of the others and most have little or no gardening knowledge. So Jerry’s experience and what know -how the others have, is shared.

There is still time to get involved. And maybe even – when the Woodlands balcony seats have to be taken out – we can install some of them in this kitchen garden and sit and watch the produce grow!

Incidently, if anyone has a little chest of drawers they want rid of, the gardeners could use one inside their super new tool box. Max dimensions: I metre high x half a metre wide x half a metre deep.

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